Continuous Passive Motion

CPM Device - Elbow

CPM Device - ElbowAn elbow CPM is invaluable to the rehabilitation of an elbow after elbow surgery, even a simple arthroscopy. Early use of an elbow CPM, either immediately after surgery or as soon as possible thereafter, will speed your recovery and reduce the need for more extensive physical therapy.

CPM Device - Knee

CPM Device - KneeCPM may be used following various types of reconstructive joint surgery such as knee replacement and ACL reconstruction. Its mechanisms of action for aiding joint recovery are dependent upon what surgery is performed.

CPM Device - Shoulder

CPM Device - ShoulderA shoulder CPM is invaluable for rehabilitation after shoulder surgery, or even a simple arthroscopy. The shoulder CPM package includes soft pads for arm cushioning.

CPM Device - Wrist/Hand

CPM Device - Wrist/HandContinuous passive range of motion device for flexion and extension of the fingers, thumb, and wrist, as well as pronation and supination of the wrist. For use with either hand.