Baseline Bubble Inclinometer

Baseline Bubble InclinometerPlace inclinometer near joint to be measured, turn dial until scale reads 0, take joint through its range, and read range traveled directly from dial.

Baseline Hand Dynamometer

Baseline Hand DynamometerAccurate grip strength readings without being able to "feel" handle move. Ensures reliability, user convenience, and measurement repeatability. 5-position, adjustable handle can accommodate any hand size. Maximum reading remains until unit is reset. Readings in pounds and kilograms. Includes molded carrying case. CE certified. 1-year warranty.

Baseline Hand Evaluation Set

Baseline Hand Evaluation SetPortable carrying case contains all instruments necessary to evaluate the strength and range of motion of the hand and fingers. 3-piece set includes hydraulic hand dynamometer, hydraulic pinch gauge, 6" stainless-steel finger goniometer, 2-point discriminator with third point, Wartenberg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge, functional finger motion gauge, and carrying case. 200-lb. standard set.

Baseline Pinch Gauge

Baseline Pinch Gauge50-lb. hydraulic pinch gauge offers accurage and repeatable pinch-strength measurements.

Pocket Otoscope

Pocket OtoscopePlastic otoscope head with three aural (small, medium and large) and one nasal push-fit specula; Sterilizable and autoclavable.

Spectrum Stethoscopes

Spectrum StethoscopesChrome-plated brass binaural; Lightweight, anodized aluminum chest piece; 22 vinyl Y-tubing; Spare diaphragm; Pair of mushroom ear tips; 30 overall length; Available in black and blue.

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg PinwheelUsed for dermatome testing; Ribbed, chrome-plated handle with precision-machined, stainless-steel rotating spur